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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is based on a simple principle: everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Even the simplest actions have a cost to the environment.

What are We Doing?

In 2013, Newport News City Council endorsed the Roadmap to Sustainability and created the City’s Sustainability Program, NNGreen.

NNGreen is a public awareness campaign aimed at engaging the community, promoting successes, and inspiring simple green practices citizens can do at home, work, or play to make Newport News a sustainable community.

What you can do…

  1. At Home
  2. At Work
  3. On the Go

Sustainable practices begin at home in your daily routine. Below are ways to get you started. Aim to make one small change every month to become more environmentally sustainable.

Pledge to Become a Bay Star Home

The public awareness program, askHRgreen.org encourages environmental stewardship in 17 local governments of Hampton Roads through campaigns like the Bay Star Homes program. By making small adjustments to your daily habits at home, our community can work together to protect our local environments and foster a healthy, natural world. As a resident of Newport News, you can pledge to become a Bay Star Home today! Participants will receive a welcome packet from their locality representative that includes a Bay Star garden flag and tips for going green in your local community.

American Public Works Association

The Sustainability Committee of the APWA Mid-Atlantic Chapter provides environmental education resources for at-home learning due to COVID. Activities are geared towards all ages, from toddler to adult learning.

We are committed to the protection of the environment for present and future generations. All city employees are responsible for incorporating into their planning and work, the actions necessary to fulfill this commitment.