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1. How do I obtain a Marriage License?
2. If I file my own divorce, is there a package or a model I can get from the Clerk's Office to help me?
3. If I file my own divorce, can I just give copies of the papers to my spouse?
4. After I file my divorce does the court let me know what to do next?
5. Do I file my divorce in Newport News?
6. If I need advice on substantive legal matters concerning my divorce or a change of name petition, may I get that from the Clerk's Office or the judges' administrative assistants?
7. Where can I find the Code of Virginia, the Rules of the Virginia Supreme Court, local rules of the 7th Judicial Circuit, form books and other aids?
8. How do I legally change my name?
9. How do I legally change the name of my minor child?
10. What should I do after I get my name changed?