Commonwealth's Attorney

As your Commonwealth's Attorney, I understand how important and necessary you are to the criminal justice system. I have maintained a victim witness program and a community outreach component to help you deal with the impact of crime. We are here to answer your questions, to offer assistance in relieving some of the injury, pain and inconvenience a crime can cause to your life.

Our Office…

As Commonwealth's Attorney for the City of Newport News, I pledge that my office will do all that it can to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth and to see that justice is served. This can be done only with your continued help and cooperation. Remember, we are here to serve you.

Prosecution Teams

Prosecutes cases of non-violent juvenile crimes and adults charged with criminal offenses.

Victim Services

Helps ensure fair and compassionate treatment to crime victims whether or not an arrest has been made.

Community Outreach

Speaks to civic leagues, public safety groups, senior citizen groups, schools and more.