Circuit Court

Newport News Circuit Court (7th Judicial Circuit)
  1. Case Information

    Get information about court cases in the circuit court of Virginia.

  2. Clerk & Judges

    Find contact information for the Clerk of Circuit Court and judges.

  3. Concealed Handgun Permit Application

    Read information about obtaining a concealed handgun permit in Newport News. Includes links to Virginia Code, permit application, and Virginia State Police website.

  4. Directions & Parking

    Find how to get to and park at the Newport News Circuit Court.

  5. E-Filing

    Are you an attorney seeking to file a civil case with the Circuit Court Clerks' Office? You can file electronically with our e-filling system.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQs regarding divorce, name change or other matters that involve the circuit court.

  7. General Information

    Find general overview information about circuit courts.

  8. Local Rules of the Court

    View and download the Local Rules of the Newport News Circuit Court.

  9. Prohibited Items

    All persons entering the Courthouse are required to pass through a metal detector and are subject to search of their person and belongings.

  10. Remote Access of Land Records

    The Newport News Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is now offering remote access to land records including both indices and images.

  11. Terms of Court

    Read about the times for the commencement of the regular terms of court.

  12. Traffic / Criminal Appeals

    You have an absolute right to appeal your case and receive a completely new trial with a different judge.

  13. Payment Plan Information

  14. FOIA Rights & Responsibilities

    View the Rights of Requesters and the Responsibilities of the Newport News Circuit Court Clerk’s Office under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act

  15. OCRA Application