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Drug Activities

  1. For example is it first hand knowledge, someone to told you, rumors, suspicion, etc.

  2. Provide the best possible date.

    For example: Do buyers call the dealer and meet him/her somewhere, does he/she sell from the house, from a vehicle, on the street, etc.

  3. Include any street names or nicknames

  4. Age, height, weight, race, scars, tattoos, etc.

  5. Please provide a specific address rather than a block number, intersection, or general geographic area.

  6. Please use correct phone format (e.g. 757-555-1234)

  7. Include year, make, model, license plate number, color, etc.

  8. Specify if weapons are hand guns, shotguns, rifles, automatic, semi-automatic, knives, brass knuckles, etc.

  9. Please be specific - such as on Friday nights from 9 PM until midnight, Monday mornings from 8 AM until noon, etc.

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