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C.U.F.A. (Citizens United For Action) Program Interest Form

  1. Instructions:

    Please fill out this interest form and submit it. We will contact you with further information once we receive it. For additional information, please call the Newport News Police Community & Youth Outreach Division (928-4295).

  2. Please include your complete first and last name.

  3. Please give us your full address so that we may know what areas in the City are represented. If you are not a resident of Newport News, but your business is here, please give your business name and address.

  4. Please give us your preferred phone number for contact purposes, and identify whether it is home, work, or cellular. Please also include your area code.

  5. Please give us your e-mail address so we can send you electronic updates regarding Citizens United For Action (C.U.F.A.).

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