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Pocket Pet Adoption Survey

  1. Have you owned pocket pets before?*

  2. Do you own any pocket pets now?*

  3. Do you have children that live in or visit the home often?*

  4. Do you have dogs that live in the home?*

  5. Do you have cats that live in the home?*

  6. What type of pocket pet are you looking for?*

  7. Are you willing to learn about proper handling, toys/enrichment and dietary needs?*

  8. Are you willing to provide veterinary care for your pocket pet when needed?*

  9. Are you over the age of 18 (You have to be 18 or older to sign a contract)?*

  10. Describe how you live at this address (check all that apply)*

  11. Do your current cats or dogs have a current Rabies vaccination?*

  12. Have you ever surrendered a pet?*

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