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Email Notices

  1. You can now elect to receive email notices for items that you have requested, courtesy reminders for items that will be due soon (called Review Notices), and notices for items that are past due. If you elect to receive email notices, you will receive all of these notices by email and you will no longer receive these notices by phone. Bill letters (for items 30 days overdue) will continue to be mailed to you by regular mail.

    As a courtesy, the library will email notices at your request. However, we cannot guarantee delivery of these messages. Failure to receive a notice does not waive the user's responsibility for the timely return of any materials or any fines and fees incurred.

    All emails will be sent from dbadmin@localhost.localdomain. Please be sure that this address is listed as acceptable in any spam-blocking software or firewalls that you or your provider may use and that it is included in your address book.

    To request email notifications, please complete the form below.

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