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City of Newport News Teleworking Agreement

  1. Teleworking Agreement

    I understand that participation in the City’s teleworking program is permitted at the sole discretion of management and its use falls within the methods, means, and personnel by which City operations are conducted. The duties, obligations, responsibilities, terms and conditions of City employment are not changed by teleworking.   Management is entitled to modify or terminate a teleworking agreement.

  2. Employee Provisions
  3. I understand that I am still bound by the City’s Standards of Conduct and all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, policies, and procedures while teleworking.*
  4. I understand my supervisor may make an on-site visit to my remote work site during my scheduled telework hours to verify that I am working as scheduled, determining that the site is safe and free from hazards, and to maintain, repair, inspect or retrieve City property.*
  5. I understand my supervisor may modify or terminate this agreement for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following circumstances: if I become ineligible for telework; if I fail to comply with all Teleworking Program requirements; or if the teleworking arrangement fails to meet organizational needs.*
  6. I am responsible for maintaining an accurate record of hours actually worked and submitting accurate information and documents as required for payroll purposes. I understand that I must stop work at the end of scheduled work hours, and during periods of approved leave. Requests to work overtime and the use of accrued leave must be authorized in advance.*
  7. I may be required to report to my main work site, with reasonable notice, upon request.*
  8. I agree to maintain homeowner’s or renter’s liability insurance for the duration of this Agreement, and agree to provide a copy of the insurance policy to the City upon request to verify such coverage. *
  9. I agree to be responsible for and will hold the City and its employees and agents harmless, from and against any and all injuries and damages of any kind to any persons and property (including my property), including but not limited to losses, claims, demands, suits, judgments, costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees resulting from, or arising out of the condition or use of the remote work site and premises, or my acts or omissions thereat. I understand that City property may be used only for legitimate City purposes by authorized employees. City property used in the normal course of employment will be maintained, serviced, and repaired by the City. As part of this Agreement, the supervisor will prepare an inventory of any City property that is subject to return to the City upon termination of the Agreement. I will sign the inventory list, acknowledging receipt of the City property. If I am authorized to use my own equipment, the City will not assume responsibility for the cost of its repair, maintenance, or service. I understand that the City will not be responsible for operating costs, home maintenance, or any other incidental costs (e.g., utilities, network connections), associated with the use of my residence or other non-City remote work site. *
  10. The City’s and any department’s security controls and conditions which apply to City property at the main work site will also apply to City and privately owned property used at remote work sites. All City records, files, and documents must be protected from unauthorized disclosure or damage and returned safely to the main work site. I agree to abide by any City and departmental rules concerning the use of computer and other equipment (which may include protecting my home computer against “viruses”), and internet access, and understand that these rules may be changed at any time by the City with reasonable notice. I agree to follow City procedures for network access and to take all necessary steps to protect the integrity of systems including but not limited to: protecting passwords, not duplicating City-owned or licensed software, and not allowing City files and records to be viewed by others. I accept responsibility for maintaining the security, condition, and confidentiality of City property (including but not limited to equipment, files, records, manuals, and forms) that are at the remote work site. I understand that the remote work site is considered an extension of the main work site; therefore, workers’ compensation will continue to exist when performing official work duties in the remote work site during approved teleworking hours. Any work-related injuries must be reported to my supervisor immediately. In the event my employment with the City ends, or the teleworking arrangement is discontinued for any reason, I agree to return all City property to the main work site within 48 hours or within a mutually agreed upon time. If I fail to do so, the City will be reimbursed by me for all unreturned property. I understand that the City may retain my final paycheck(s) (after payment of minimum wage) and my accrued annual leave to cover the fair market value of such unreturned City property.
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