What budget documents are required to be prepared?
The Proposed Operating Budget is required by City Charter to be reproduced and made available to the public. Additionally, the City Code specifies certain requirements as to content and format. Copies of the Proposed Operating Budget are available for review by the public usually around the beginning of April. They are available in any city library, on the city’s website, or the Budget Department. The City Charter specifies in Section §6.08 that the proposed budget will not be open to public inspection until after it has been made public by the City Manager.

The adopted (approved) budget is usually available at the start of the new fiscal year, in order to allow sufficient time for incorporating any changes to the proposed budget and for printing the document in final form. The adopted budget document is then available for examination in any city library, on the city’s website, or the Budget Department. The city presently prints limited budget documents for distribution to all city libraries, City Council, and operating departments of the city. The budget document is not printed in quantity for general distribution to organizations or individuals.

If you have any questions, please email the Department of Budget and Evaluation.

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