Can you recommend a plumber?
We cannot, sorry. As with most service providers, consumers should check references and compare prices and ask reliable sources like friends and family for recommendations.

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1. Who do I contact to have water connected or questions about my water bill?
2. If I’ve sold a house, when the buyer turns on the water does that automatically end the seller’s account or does the seller still need to contact Waterworks Customer Service?
3. What is the Waterworks emergency number to report a water main break?
4. Is Waterworks the same as HRSD?
5. Who in the city can help me with low water pressure?
6. Can you recommend a plumber?
7. Who do I call for a minor outdoor water emergency, like a leaking water meter?
8. Are there fire hydrant problems that are causing me to lose water pressure?
9. Who is responsible for maintaining fire hydrants?