What is OpenGov?
OpenGov is a financial transparency website which displays government finances over a multi-year period. The default view displays usually displays expenses broken down by department.

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1. What is OpenGov?
2. How do I select the data I want to see?
3. Can I select more than one fund or department?
4. How do I see the actual numbers within the graph?
5. Can I see the data in a different graph?
6. Why are there sometimes spikes in one year?
7. Can I save the data I am looking at?
8. How do I learn more about government accounting?
9. I have a question. How do I contact the City of Newport News?
10. What revenue sources contribute to the City's General Fund?
11. What type of expenses does the City's General Fund pay for?
12. How does the City divide up the General Fund among departments?
13. How much does the City spend on salaries and benefits (General Fund only)?
14. How much does the City spend on salaries and benefits (citywide)?
15. How much is the City receiving in general property tax revenue?
16. What is the total amount spent on debt service?
17. How much does our Police Department spend?
18. What is the budget for Waterworks?
19. What is the Nondepartmental budget in the General Fund?