Who can buy surplus?
  • The General Public
  • Other Jurisdictions - Other governmental entities, including volunteer fire or rescue departments should check with the city's surplus agent at 757-926-3090 or via email for materials that may become available prior to public sale. Items not yet listed for public sale may be purchased directly by governmental agencies and non-profits prior to public sale. The city reserves the right to withdraw any item from sale at any time.
  • City Employees - City employees may bid on surplus items under the following conditions:
    • Up to $500 for items from departments that the employee does not work in.
    • The employee may not bid on items that are from his/her own department, regardless of value.
    • Office of Purchasing employees can not bid on surplus items from the city.

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1. Who can buy surplus?
2. Can I see the items before I bid on them?
3. Where are the items located?
4. What payment methods are available?
5. Does the city ship the items to me?
6. What kind of condition are the surplus items in?