How do I legally change my name?
As an adult, you may petition the Circuit Court in the city where you live. The court will determine whether good cause exists under the circumstances alleged in the petition. Pursuant to §8.01-217, Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, the following are required in the petition:
  • The petition must be made under oath (you must swear to the truth of the allegations in the petition after having been placed under oath by a Notary, and that Notary must acknowledge on the petition that you were placed under oath and swore to the truth of the allegations in the petition and that you did sign the petition)
  • Your place of residence
  • The names of both of your parents, including the maiden name of your mother
  • Your birth date and your place of birth
  • Your felony conviction record, if any. If none, that must be stated
  • Whether you are presently incarcerated or a probationer with any court (if not, that must be stated)
  • Whether your name has been previously changed [if so, list your former name(s)]
  • Your affirmation that this name change is not sought for any fraudulent purpose and would not infringe upon any rights of others

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