Virginia has early voting

False - Virginia offers no-excuse in person absentee voting beginning 45 days prior to the election. In addition to regular office hours, the Registrar’s office is open the two Saturdays preceding the election for in person absentee voting.

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1. Absentee ballots are not counted unless it is a close election?
2. I have to mail back my absentee ballot through the U.S. Postal Service?
3. Someone else may return my absentee ballot to the Registrar's Office?
4. Virginia has early voting
5. Mail Voting and Absentee Voting are the same thing
6. My absentee ballot must be delivered by Election Day to be counted
7. I have to complete an absentee ballot application for every election I want to vote by mail for
8. Once I am on the Annual absentee Ballot list I will automatically receive ballots every year