Who is doing the work for the project?

During the Initial Deployment Area (IDA) installation, Newport News Waterworks employees will handle the meter replacement. The IDA will be conducted in three areas: a neighborhood in York County that is the furthest point in our service area, an area in Poquoson that is prone to high tides and where meters are frequently underwater, and an area in Hampton near Langley Air Force Base that has a high level of customers moving in and out.  Once the IDA has been tested and passes our standards, the replacement of meters in the remaining areas will begin with Utility Partners of America (UPA) technicians performing the meter exchanges. Approximately 4,300 meters will be converted to new smart meters per month, and we anticipate completion in 2023.

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1. Why is Waterworks undertaking this effort?
2. Who is doing the work for the project?
3. How long will I be without water during installation?
4. Do I need to flush out my water lines and if so, for how long?
5. Will property be disturbed?
6. Whom do I contact with questions about the field work to my meter?
7. Can a customer choose to not upgrade?
8. Is my account information and meter data secure?
9. How will I know that you have my reading and not someone else’s?
10. Will my water bill go up?
11. Does this mean no more meter readers?
12. Can I cover up the meter after the installation?
13. Has this new smart meter equipment been tested for accuracy and reliability?
14. Will the communication system interfere with home equipment?
15. Do I own the meter?
16. Will meter boxes be locked?
17. Can I purchase and install or remove my own meter?
18. If I notice a problem after installation, whom should I contact?