My water bill is UNUSUALLY high. Is there anything I can do about it?
There could be several reasons for an unusually high water bill. Here are some things to check:
1. Do you have a leak? Check indoor and outdoor faucets, toilets, pipes under sinks and check your yard between the meter and the house. Leaks are the NUMBER 1 reason for unexpected high water bills. Find out how to check for and fix leaks at Ask HR GREEN.

2. Have you increased your usage (outdoor watering, house guests, filled the swimming pool or hot tub, power washed the house)?

3. Have the water rates increased and you were caught unaware?

4. Was your meter misread? Give us a call 757-926-1000 and we’ll recheck the reading.

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1. How can I sign up for direct debit (water bill payment deducted directly from my bank/credit union account)?
2. Can I view my account online?
3. Who can give our business permission to use water from a fire hydrant?
4. Where can I pay my HRSD (Hampton Roads Sanitation District) bill?
5. I have a pool. Can I get a discount on my water?
6. How can I find out if my water tap fee has been paid?
7. My water bill is UNUSUALLY high. Is there anything I can do about it?
8. Do you accept credit card payments?
9. Is there an additional fee to pay my water bill with a credit card?
10. I cannot make a payment by the due date. Can I get a payment extension?
11. Do you offer budget billing?
12. How often do I get a Waterworks bill?
13. My payment is due today and it is after business hours. How can I pay my bill on time?
14. Where can I pay my water bill?
15. I need to fill my swimming pool/hot tub. Can I get a price break on my water?
16. Where can I get a backflow report?
17. If my business only uses water that does not go into the sewer system, can the sewer system fee be eliminated or reduced on my water bill?
18. I’d like to go paperless. Is there a way to stop getting a paper bill and get a bill emailed to me?