I have a pool. Can I get a discount on my water?
Newport News Waterworks does not give any discounts for people with pools. However, the water used to fill residential swimming pools doesn't enter the sanitary sewer, so it isn't treated. Therefore, HRSD provides the following options for those with swimming pools:

Single family residential customers using a significant amount of water that is not discharged into the sanitary sewer system (typically irrigation systems or swimming pools) can establish a non-metered account with HRSD.

Alternatively, these customers may have a separate water service installed by their local water provider solely for the uses that do not discharge to the sanitary sewer. This separate service will not be billed wastewater treatment charges by HRSD. Other local water charges may apply. Customers should check with their local water provider for details (Waterworks number is 757-926-1000. To reach HRSD, call 757-460-2491 or 1-888-ASK-HRUBS 1-888-275-4782 or
e-mail: customerinquiry@hrsd.com.

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5. I have a pool. Can I get a discount on my water?
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