How do I add/update my contact information?
Tap the “Reporter” icon on the app’s home page to create or edit your contact information.

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1. What is the NNVA 311 Mobile App?
2. Will I be charged for using the Smartphone app?
3. How do I navigate the app & enter data?
4. How do I turn on GPS location for my phone?
5. How do I specify or edit the problem location?
6. What can I report via the Smartphone app?
7. What is the “Reporter”?
8. Do I have to provide my contact information to submit a service request?
9. Are photos required?
10. How do I include a photo?
11. What does “Share with Public” mean on the service request page?
12. How can I check the status of my service request?
13. If my phone’s battery loses power, what happens to my service request?
14. How do I add/update my contact information?
15. What is “My Favorites”?
16. Where can I send questions or comments about the app?