A sign has been damaged, how do I get it replaced?
By filling out the damaged sign complaint form, you can be a part of Newport News. If you have any questions, please email the Engineering Department.

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1. What services does Engineering provide to the city?
2. Where do I go to complain about stormwater flooding, debris, fish kill or illegal dumping?
3. There is someone working in the Right-of-Way: how do I find out who it is and what kind of work is being done?
4. I was involved in a traffic accident, how do I get information for traffic signals and timings?
5. How do I get information on traffic counts?
6. What is the Residential Parking Permit Program (RPPP) and where do I go for petition forms?
7. There is a streetlight that has been out for sometime, how or who do I contact?
8. What do I do to find out if the timing on a traffic signal / flasher are correct or could be changed?
9. How are Stormwater Service Charges calculated?
10. The city is running a smoke test in my area, are they dangerous?
11. Where can I find a listing of all the streets in Newport News?
12. How do I find out what streets are closed?
13. How do I find out about the new Citywide Signal System?
14. The sewer connection fees have changed, how do I find the new rates?
15. A sign has been damaged, how do I get it replaced?
16. How can I get flood zone verification?
17. I have been flooded, how do I get help?
18. Where do I find the bike routes / paths in Newport News?
19. Are there signs available indicating that there are deaf / blind children living in a residence on a city street?