What work does the project entail?
This project involves the entire replacement of the existing bridge carrying Route 105 (Fort Eustis Boulevard) over CSX railroad. One half of the bridge will be replaced at a time. Traffic will be shifted to drive on the half not being worked on and reduced to one lane in each direction. If you have any questions, please email the Department of Engineering.

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1. Why does the bridge need to be replaced?
2. What work does the project entail?
3. Who is the contractor?
4. What studies have been done to predict the impact this project will have on local traffic?
5. What impact will the project have on my commute?
6. What will the speed limit be on Fort Eustis Boulevard?
7. What can I do to reduce the delay to my commute?
8. What has been done to minimize the impact of this project to traffic?