What are the options available under the city’s policy?
The city‘s Neighborhood Traffic Management and Calming Program offers various options which are divided into 4 categories to reflect the levels of cost and traffic flow restriction. The levels are based on the volume of traffic and road characteristics.
  • Level 1 (Local road with less than 500 vehicles per day): does not involve physical changes to the street, can be implemented by the city, and include such items as education, deploying a radar speed trailer to allow drivers to monitor their traffic speeds, directed police enforcement, posting signs to restrict commercial vehicles from using the street or restricting certain maneuvers such as right turns.
  • Level 2 (Local road with 500 to 3,500 or Collector road with 500 to 7,000 vehicles per day): builds on Level 1 options but may also include making a physical change to the street to affect traffic operations using such devices as road narrowing, speed humps or turn restriction medians.
  • Level 3 (Local road with greater than 3,500 vehicles per day): primarily applies to those local residential streets that are the main streets in the community and funnel the traffic onto and off of the adjoining collector roads and/or arterial highways.Due to this need to concentrate traffic flow, only Level 1 improvements or other alternate actions may be used. No diversionary physical devices (devices that limit or force certain turns) are permitted to redirect traffic flow.
  • Level 4 (Collector road with greater than 7,000 vehicles per day): roads identified by use are critical elements in the overall transportation system and may only use Level 3 measures.
If you have any questions, please email the Department of Engineering.

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1. What are the options available under the city’s policy?
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