What if my recycling container is not big enough?
If you consistently find that your container is not large enough for the amount of recyclables your household generates, first let’s determine if you are recycling properly. Below is a list of some items that people incorrectly place in their recycling containers:

  • Styrofoam
  • Yard waste (please compost)
  • Wood
  • Metals other than household cans
  • Plastic bags (please take to the grocery store to recycle)
  • Plastics other than bottles, jugs and jars
  • Clothing and/or shoes (please donate if still in good condition)

If you are recycling correctly, and you consistently find that your recycling container is not large enough, we can provide a 2nd black recycling bin if you receive manual collection with an 18-gallon black bin, or we can upgrade your blue recycling cart from 64-gallon to 95-gallon. Residents who already have a 95 gallon cart, who are recycling properly, and still need more recycling space on a consistent basis can get a second recycling cart. There is no charge for this nor does it affect the Solid Waste fee. Please call 757-933-2311 for more information.

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