How to identify gang members?
The following are some common indicators to look for if you suspect an individual may be involved in gang activity. These indicators are not a guarantee that an individual is involved in a gang. The only way to know for sure is by communicating.
  • Changing hair or dress styles/having a group of friends with the same styles.
  • Changing normal routines/not coming home after school/staying out late at night.
  • Drawing graffiti.
  • Drawings/homework with the letters "B" or "C" crossed-out, inverted or used improperly. Using gang hand signs.
  • Frequent contact with police.
  • Frequent disciplinary problems at home/school.
  • Increased conflict at home.
  • Large amount of unsupervised time.
  • Not associating with long time friends/secretive about new friends/activities.
  • Photographs with others displaying gang signs, weapons or gang-type clothing.
  • Physical signs of being involved in fights/secrecy as to how injuries are received.
  • Poor academic progress/skipping school/lack of interest in school activities.

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