Is it safe to keep the card number on file?
The new payment process keeps that card account with a credit limit of $0 until an invoice has been approved for payment. Once it is approved, the card will be funded with the exact amount due and you will receive a remittance, which is an electronic confirmation that the card is ready to be charged. This technology makes keeping a card on file completely safe.

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1. Is this a requirement? Will it affect our vendor-client relationship if we decline?
2. Are there any fees associated with this method of payment?
3. Is the client willing to absorb the fees?
4. Is it safe to keep the card number on file?
5. What if our company policy does not allow us to keep a credit card number on file?
6. Will I receive payment for all of our company locations?
7. Will the net terms change? How soon will we get paid?
8. How does this affect our invoicing? What about credits and short-pays?
9. What about past due / outstanding invoices?