What are Real Estate Taxes?
Real Estate Taxes are those taxes which are paid upon land and improvements. Taxes are assessed by the Real Estate Assessor's Office. Real Estate Taxes aid in supporting the many services provided by the City of Newport News. Police and fire protection, schools, parks, playgrounds, libraries and refuse pick up are but a few of the services provided.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Treasurer's Office.

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1. What are Real Estate Taxes?
2. How is my property assessed?
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7. I pay a mortgage but I received my Real Estate Tax bill, what should I do?
8. I pay a mortgage but I just received a delinquent bill, what should I do?
9. I am past due on my Real Estate account, what can I do?
10. What is the Stormwater Management Fee?
11. I have a question concerning Stormwater Management, who do I contact?