How do I review the violation and pay the fine?

You will be provided with three still photographs of your vehicle on the printed violation notice. You can review the red light violation via the internet. You can access your violation by entering your violation and PIN number from your citation. Both video and still photo evidence is available for review. The owner/driver can arrange for an opportunity to meet with a PHOTOSafe program officer to review the evidence and discuss the red light running violation. Lastly, the vehicle owner/driver can request a court date for the evidence to be heard in the Newport News General District Traffic Court. The owner/driver can request a court date to be heard in the Newport News District Traffic Court by calling 855-716-2028 or by mailing in the request to: 2500 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor, Newport News, VA 23607.

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1. Do red light running cameras really reduce crashes at intersections?
2. Why doesn't the Police Department use existing personnel for this enforcement?
3. If ticketing drivers reduces crashes, why doesn't the Police Department enforce more red light running violations?
4. Do cameras photograph every vehicle passing through an intersection?
5. What kind of violation will be issued and what would the fine be?
6. How will I know which intersections have red light cameras?
7. What happens when a funeral procession or emergency vehicle continues through a red light at an intersection that it is photo enforced?
8. Who will determine what constitutes a violation?
9. How is the timing interval determined between the red, yellow and green traffic lights at an intersection?
10. Isn’t the main purpose of red light cameras to make money?
11. Does the system enforce running right turns on red?
12. What happens if my vehicle is caught running a red light?
13. How do I review the violation and pay the fine?
14. Does the City of Newport News have a local ordinance as required by Virginia State Code 15.2-968.1?
15. Why did the City of Newport News give drivers a 30-day red light running warning period at the location where a camera system is activated?
16. What happens if an officer issues a summons to the driver of a vehicle and the red light camera also captures the vehicle during the red light running violation?
17. What happens when the camera captures a Newport News city vehicle?
18. What happens when the camera captures a commercial motor vehicle or a vehicle that is owned by a company or state or local agency that has a fleet of vehicles?
19. What if I still have additional questions?