Isn’t the main purpose of red light cameras to make money?
No. The objective of the PHOTOSafe enforcement program is to improve intersection safety. Signs and publicity campaigns required by the 2007 General Assembly warn motorists that photo enforcement is in use. Revenue is generated by penalties paid by drivers who continue to run red lights. Penalties for red light violations in Virginia are limited to $50 per violation by legislation. Independent audits of red light camera enforcement across the country have found that these programs generally do not generate excess revenue. Camera equipment costs vary based on the type of camera, the complexity of the intersection, and technical requirements.

A typical red light camera system with installation, maintenance, and monitoring costs more than $100,000. The City of Newport News will incur limited financial liability (no up­front costs) and will maintain a “cost neutral” program. The monetary impact to the city is a fixed monthly fee paid to the camera company. The camera company does not get paid on a per ticket basis. Newport News tax payers and law abiding (or safe drivers) will not absorb the cost of the automated systems. In short, the violators alone will pay for the cameras.

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1. Do red light running cameras really reduce crashes at intersections?
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10. Isn’t the main purpose of red light cameras to make money?
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