Parks, Recreation & Tourism


700 Town Center Drive
Suite 320
Newport News, VA 23607



Link: Parks and Recreation

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Poplawski, Michael Director 757-926-1400  
Jordan, Tammy Assistant Director (Recreation) 757-926-1400  
Roche, William Assistant Director (Parks) 757-926-1400  
Owens, Karen Parks and Recreation Administrator 757-926-1400  
Iles, Roger Shelter Manager 757-933-8900  
Jenkins, Casey Superintendent of Youth Programs 757-926-1400  
Reed, Meghan Superintendent of Special Programs/Facilities 757-926-1400  
Palmeira, Joanne Superintendent of Cultural Arts 757-247-8950  
Pegram, Brad Superintendent of Golf Course 757-886-7989  
Ditto, Jami Superintendent of Park Maintenance 757-888-3395  
Lunsford, Andy Superintendent of Park Operations 757-886-7912  
Ezanno, Shelly Superintendent of Special Events & Promotions 757-926-1400  
Gilbert, Wayne Superintendent of Animal Services 757-595-7387  
Miller, Anne Superintendent of Historic Services