2400 Washington Ave.
Newport News, VA 23607



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Name Title Email
Boyd, Robin N. Senior Marketing Coordinator
Butler, Mallory C. Economic Development Manager (Business Development)
Connor, Sangtok S. Accountant II
Green, Priscilla Senior Economic Analyst
Johnson, Shakir Business Retention Coordinator
Kingston, Florence G. Director
Kopacz, Doreen Port Development Administrator
LeClair, Jameson Project Coordinator I
McCoury, Elizabeth Redevelopment Manager
Midkiff, Jared Marketing & Development Coordinator
Perry, Derek Economic Development Manager (Fiscal & Economic Coordination)
Raza, Shan Chief of Fiscal Operations
Robison, Joy Administrative Services Manager
Story, Milissa Economic Development Manager (Projects and CIP Coordination)
Walker, Kalila Senior Project Coordinator
Whitson, Macon Real Estate Coordinator
Wilks, Andy Property Manager
Wilson, Tricia F. Business Development Specialist
Workman, Sam Assistant Director