Police Department Headquarters


9710 Jefferson Ave.
Newport News, VA 23605


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Name Title Email Phone
Barefoot, Jeff Lieutenant - Special Operations Commander 757 975-5046
Bollhorst, Jason Commander of Professional Standards Division 757-928-4325
Bradley, Stuart B, Captain - Support Services Division 757-928-4164
Brewer, Lynn R. Supervisor of the Analytical Services Unit 757-928-4350
Calhoon, Mark S. Manager of Planning & Technology Division 757-928-4350
Cartwright, James L. Property & Evidence and Forensic Unit Sergeant 757-928-4508
Creswell, Brandon E. Lieutenant - Academy Director 757-926-4041
Daszkowski, Elizabeth J. Captain - North Precinct Commander 757-369-3108
Fultz, John W. Lieutenant of General Investigations Section 757-928-4200
Funaiock, Alison M. Sergeant - Recruiting Unit 757-928-4151
Franklin, Randy A. Commander of Criminal Investigations 757-928-4200
Grinstead, Michael C. Acting Chief of Police 757-928-4300
Grinstead, Mike Assistant Chief of Police - Patrol 757-926-4308
Hamilton, L. Taxicab Examiner 757-975-5018
Hankins, Adam L. Lieutenant Special Investigations 757-928-4700
Hileman, Francis L. Captain - Organized Crime Division Commander 757-928-4704
James, Angel Secondary Employment Coordinator 757-928-4375
King, Kelly T. Communications Manager 757 928-4290
Matthews, Andrew J. Narcotics/Violent Crime Reduction Lieutenant 757-928-4700
Moore, Joseph A. Assistant Chief of Police - Investigations 757-928-4307
Paddleford, J. Sergeant - Records Unit Manager 757-928-4100
Petix, David A. Supervisor of the Information Technology Unit 757-928-4350
Randall, Eric D. Assistant Chief of Police - Support 757-928-4307
Render, Carol Communications Division Administrator 757-926-3881
Smith, Jeffery P. Community Outreach Lieutenant 757-928-4285
Taylor, Lillian B. Administrator, Management Services Bureau 757-928-4378
Thurston, Lewis B. (Lou) Public Information Officer 757-928-4290
Tietjens, Morgen S. South Precinct Commander 757-975-5000
White, Monica L. Coordinator of the Community Programs Unit 757-928-4295
Wills, Sue E. Planning & Research Detail 757-928-4350

Central Precinct 

611 Dresden Drive
Newport News, VA 23601


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Name Title Email Phone
Hileman, Francis Captain - Central Precinct 757-926-4702

North Precinct 

368 DeShazor Drive
Newport News, VA 23608


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Name Title Email Phone
Daszkowski, Elizabeth J. Captain of North Precinct 757-369-3108

South Precinct 

5849 Jefferson Ave.
Newport News, VA 23605


Link: Police Department

Name Title Email Phone
Bollhorst, Jason Captain of South Precinct 757-975-5000