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Dec 19

Police Department Embraces Community Policing Self-Assessment Tool

Posted on December 19, 2016 at 8:11 AM by Communications Department

The U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Community Oriented Policing Services, released the results of the second Community Policing Self-Assessment Tool for the Police Department. The Self-Assessment Tool is a survey that is used to measure the extent to which community policing philosophy is integrated throughout the Department. The ability to implement community PoliceBike_SCpolicing practices drives the Department’s ability to promote partnerships and problem-solving techniques to address crime, social disorder and fear of crime. The Self-Assessment tool was previously administered to the Department in March of 2014. Therefore, scores can be compared over time to demonstrate improvements in three key modules:
1. partnerships,
2. problem solving; and
3. organizational transformation.

Additionally, scores can be compared against all agencies, and similar agencies that have taken the survey for a second time. We are pleased to report that overall scores have not only increased for key modules since the last survey was administered to Police Department Personnel, but they also exceeded the average scores of all agencies and similar agencies. While we are pleased with the positive direction of the survey results, there is room for on-going improvement to realize our vision for community policing.