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Dec 12

Waterworks Recognized For Environmental Excellence

Posted on December 12, 2016 at 8:08 AM by Communications Department

Three Newport News Waterworks facilities have once again been awarded the Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise (E4) status in the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program, sponsored by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. VAEnvironmentalExcellence_SC This is the highest level attainable. The facilities are Harwood’s Mill Water Treatment Plant, Lee Hall Water Treatment Plant, and Lee Hall Maintenance and Operations Center. Facilities must submit a package to the Department of Environmental Quality every three years for renewal consideration.

Under the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program, an “Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise” is a facility with a fully implemented environmental management system that has been verified by a third party. Additionally, the facility must document that it has committed to measures for continuous and sustainable environmental progress and community involvement. Typically, the drivers for superior environmental performance are not regulatory, but rather the demands of customers and public opinion. Therefore, there is an expectation that E4 facilities have a history of not only superior environmental performance, but also one of environmental leadership.

Waterworks has had an environmental management system since 2005. From the inception through the present, the environmental management system team has worked on a variety of projects aimed at improving Waterworks’ environmental footprint. Some of these projects have included increased recycling opportunities, lead elimination in the Vehicle Shop, and energy savings through the installation of LED lighting and motion sensors, to name a few. When looking into potential projects, the Team takes into account those which may have the greatest environmental impact.

Waterworks was the first Water Utility in Virginia to receive the Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise (E4) designation. The Department of Engineering and the Golf Course at Deer Run are other City facilities that have also earned the E4 distinction from the Virginia Department Environmental Quality. The Department of Public Works, Fire Department (13 facilities), Landscape Services, Leeward Marina, Parks – Maintenance, and Parks – Operations have all earned the Exemplary Environmental Enterprise (E3) designation and Vehicle and Equipment Services has been awarded Environmental Enterprise (E2). More information on the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program can be found on the DEQ website.