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Newport News Now is a daily e-newsletter that launched in March 2016. Articles that ran in our newsletter between March 2016 and March 2018 are available on these pages. Newsletters produced beginning in April 2018 can be viewed on our new daily newsletter page.

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Oct 27

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Posted on October 27, 2016 at 8:27 AM by Communications Department

Courthouse Green Neighborhood

The City of Newport News recently applied for a grant to address public safety and quality of life issues identified in the Courthouse Green neighborhood. While not successful in obtaining the grant, the City is proceeding with help to create a community coalition aimed at developing and implementing solutions to those issues that continue to negatively impact that neighborhood.
One of the first issues that needs to be addressed is the impact of the current built environment (i.e., lighting, street network, shrubs, trees, and building design) upon public safety and the quality of life within the neighborhood. To that end, the City has contracted with the International Association of Law Enforcement Planners to have Mr. Barry Horrobin bring his expertise in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) to Newport News. Mr. Horrobin will be in Newport News from November 2nd thought 4th. During his visit, he will:
  • canvass the neighborhood to conduct an assessment of current conditions and conduct interviews as needed; 
  • deliver a one-day “Introduction to CPTED” seminar for City staff and other community-based stakeholders; 
  • conduct an evening meeting with Courthouse Green residents to explain the CPTED concepts that might be applied in the neighborhood and obtain feedback on those ideas; and 
  • conduct a debriefing session with relevant City staff members at the end of the site visit. 

Courthouse Green residents will soon be receiving detailed information about the community meeting.