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Oct 24

2016 Roadside Loose Leaf Collection

Posted on October 24, 2016 at 8:27 AM by Communications Department

Begins November 28th

As a service to its citizens, the City of Newport News offers roadside loose leaf collection every year. This year’s program starts November 28th and runs into January. The Loose Leaf Collection program allows residents to simply rake leaves into piles leaf1_SCat the edge of their yards during specified weeks, and crews from the Street Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works will come by and collect them. No bagging needed! 

For this program the City is divided into three areas, and there are two collection runs through each area each year. Every street in the area will be collected once during each of the runs, and so each street gets collected two different times. If you miss the first collection, you will still be able to rake leaves to the curb for the second collection. View the collection schedule to see when your street will be collected. Residents should adhere to the following guidelines for loose leaf collection:

- Rake leaves into a pile at the edge of the road, but not in the curb/gutter or drainage ditch. 
- Do not pile leaves such that they block traffic.
- Leaves mixed with twigs and branches will not be picked up.
- Wait until the week prior to the start of your scheduled collection to place leaves at the roadside.
- Leaves should be roadside by 7am Monday on the week of your scheduled collection.
- Do not cover water meters or utility boxes.leaf2_SC
- Burning of leave is not permitted in the City of Newport News.
- Leaves placed in clear plastic bags are collected year around on regular bulk waste collection days; however, there is a limit of 30 clear 33 gallon bags per collection. 

More information on the Roadside Loose Leaf Collection program can be found on the Street Maintenance Division’s website or by contact the City’s 311 Center at 933-2311 or