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Sep 21

Don’t Block The Box

Posted on September 21, 2016 at 3:13 PM by Communications Department

Blocking Intersections is Hazardous and Illegal

 A common cause of congestion is the blocking of intersections which can create gridlock. When gridlock occurs, travel time and fuel are wasted, air pollutioNoBlocking_SCn increases, and tempers can flare. It is also hazardous to vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. At its September 13th meeting, Newport News City Council passed an ordinance that makes it illegal to enter an intersection or marked crosswalk unless there is sufficient space to clear the other side of the intersection without blocking other vehicles or pedestrians. The City is using the “Don’t Block the Box" slogan to educate and to remind drivers to not block intersections.

The Department of Engineering and the Police Department have identified several critical intersections throughout the City that will initially be targeted for installation of signage as well as enhanced enforcement by police. Other intersections could be added later. Signage is already being installed at the first intersections, which include:
• Jefferson Avenue at Bland Boulevard
• Jefferson Avenue at Boykin Lane
• Jefferson Avenue at Oyster Point Road
• Oyster Point Road at Village Green Parkway
• J. Clyde Morris Boulevard at Diligence Drive
• Jefferson Avenue at 25th Street
• Jefferson Avenue at 26th Street
• Jefferson Avenue at 27th Street
• Jefferson Avenue at 28th Street

It is anticipated to take 30-45 days to install signs at all nine intersections. Police enforcement will begin as each of the intersections is completed. The penalty for violations is a fine up to $250.