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Jun 23

What to do with Bulk Trash Items

Posted on June 23, 2016 at 9:17 AM by Communications Department

When there are leftover items after a garage sale or it’s time to move and somethings have to be left behind, where should the items go? If they’re in good shape, consider donating them! Most charities will even pick up things from the front door. Plus, there’s a tax deduction.6-23 bulk trash_SCHowever, if they’ve seen better days, that may not be an option. If that’s the case, follow these solid waste guidelines to learn what to put out on trash day and what to do with other items.

1. Items must be placed outside on the collection day for that address, no later than 7 a.m. (which is every two weeks and normally falls on the addresses recycling day). Make sure items are not too close to any vehicle and separated from trash receptacles by at least 3 feet. Low hanging power lines, poles or low tree limbs can also keep your items from being collected on time

2. Big items like couches, mattresses, furniture can be placed at the curb, as long as there is no glass that can break. Glass can be broken over a trash container before the item is put out for collection.

3. Appliances, such as washers or stoves, must be scheduled for pick up and are picked up each Wednesday. Call 311 or 757-933-2311 to schedule a pick-up for an appliance.

4. Clothing should go in trash containers or better yet, donate clothing in good condition so someone else can benefit. Small toys, decorative items, dishes, etc. or anything small enough to fit inside your trash container should be placed there if you can’t give it away.

5. Electronics can often be donated unless they don’t work or are one of the older model television sets. Most electronics can be taken (Fridays and Saturdays) to the Resource Recovery Center. .

Getting rid of unwanted items doesn’t have to be a chore when following these simple guidelines. More detailed information can be found at   Bulk Waste Programs. For further information about trash collection, call 311 (or 757-933-2311) or email them at