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Newport News Now is a daily e-newsletter that launched in March 2016. Articles that ran in our newsletter between March 2016 and March 2018 are available on these pages. Newsletters produced beginning in April 2018 can be viewed on our new daily newsletter page.

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Jun 08

The Newport News Comprehensive Plan

Posted on June 8, 2016 at 1:35 PM by Latoya Jefferson

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the City of Newport News’ Comprehensive Plan but do most people really understand what it is or what it used for? Well, the Newport News Department of Planning would like to give a little background and information to make it a little less formidable.

Is a comprehensive plan really needed? The answer is – yes, by law. The Code of Virginia mandates all localities prepare and adopt a comprehensive plan for the physical development of land within its6-3 comprehensive plan jurisdiction. The plan must include assessments of existing conditions, growth trends, and the future needs of the community. It must provide guidance to promote the health, safety, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare of a locality’s residents. The State Code requires the plan to include coastal resources management, affordable housing, transportation, and land use components. It does not, however, dictate the structure and format of the plan.

The comprehensive plan presents the “big picture” and establishes a guide for decision makers based on our citizens’ core values. It provides approaches to balance our social, economic and environmental systems and create a more resilient city. It is a bold strategy for leveraging our strengths and opportunities to manage change and guide Newport News into the future as a city that is thriving both economically and socially. The comprehensive plan is the guide for making the decisions that will reinvigorate our city and address our needs by establishing a clear vision of the city’s future and incorporating the desires of a diverse population.

Once the plan has been examined by the citizens and Planning Commission through extensive public input, it is adopted by our governing body, the City Council. The city then uses the tools at its disposal to implement the plan. Actions such as approving a Capital Improvement Budget and Operating Budget help fund those activities and public improvements that support the long term goals and move the city in the direction recommended in the plan.

Available to review online is the current comprehensive plan, Framework for the Future 2030, and the progress being made on the update to the comprehensive plan, now titled One City, One Future.