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Jan 30

Extreme Cold Weather Creates Challenges for Newport News Waterworks

Posted on January 30, 2018 at 11:25 AM by Daniel Kvaternik

While it’s quite obvious how extreme cold temperatures and snow affect various operations here on the Virginia Peninsula like transportation, emergency services, trash collections and schools to name a few, it might not be as evident how they impact Waterworks operations. For instance, water demand across the Peninsula spiked in early-mid January due to record cold conditions.  Leaks from customer-owned plumbing systems and from water system main failures resulted in a production rate of 52 million gallons per day or a 79% increase in regional drinking water demand.  This seasonal occurrence is not unexpected based on trends from previous years, and Waterworks employees from pipeline crews and customer service representatives to essential personnel and the water treatment plant staff are prepared to manage all types of cold weather scenarios.

Homeowners faced with the possibility of water pipes freezing and sometimes bursting can heed these water tips to help avoid pipe breaks:
  • Know and locate the water shutoff valve
  • Eliminate drafts and insulate
  • Outside faucets should be drained
  • Leave a trickle of water running from an inside faucet
  • Never thaw pipes with an open flame
Visit the Waterworks website to read more about how to protect those pipes.

As a reminder, there are various ways to contact Waterworks:

Hours:  Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM

Visit the Customer Service Center: 700 Town Center Drive, Newport News, Va. 23606

Phone Customer Service:  757-926-1000

Email customer service: and provide a phone number and a customer service representative will contact you.

Facebook – Select the “Send Email” (Blue Button) and provide contact information

EMERGENCIES:  On Weekends or after Hours if you have an Emergency Phone 757-234-4800
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