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Dec 08

Phoebus and Fox Hill Water Storage Tanks to be Taken Out of Service

Posted on December 8, 2017 at 9:35 AM by Communications Department

Phoebus and Fox Hill Water Storage Tanks to be Taken Out of Service
For several years the Waterworks Department of the City of Newport News has been planning and preparing to demolish the Phoebus Water Storage Tank (103 Carnegie Street, Hampton), and the Fox Hill Water Storage Tank (914 Beach Road, Hampton). The work is being performed this winter and consists of the demolition of both tanks as well as soil grading and seeding to both sites. Once the properties are cleared, water pressure monitoring stations will be installed.

Both tanks, graciously serving as landmarks for travelers and boaters, are approaching 100 years in service which is the life expectancy of a water storage tank.  The removal has been approved by the Virginia Department of Health. Over the years, knowing the end of their useful lives was approaching, Waterworks began doing significant engineering analysis, hydraulic modeling (pumps, tanks, and pipes sized based on projected demand), and extensive fire flow analysis.

Findings resulted in larger water pipelines being installed to increase water capacity, flow, pressure, and enhanced fire flow protection.  Once these distribution system improvements were implemented and operational, the next step was to conduct the proof of concept phase of the project.  This required taking both tanks off line for an extended period of time while continuing to provide uninterrupted service.  The Phoebus Tank has been out of service since 2014 and the Fox Hill Tank has been out of service for six months.

And so, it is the appropriate time to bid farewell to two longstanding facilities that have been a part of Waterworks for decades.  Thank you Phoebus and Fox Hill Tanks for serving our communities, for gracing our landscape, for being reliable iconic facilities, and for being a beacon and gallant partner for all these years.  
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