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Nov 20

Holiday Season Recycling

Posted on November 20, 2017 at 9:40 AM by Communications Department

As we roll into the holiday season, you may be cooking and buying more items than usual. This most likely means you will have more containers, packaging and other materials that can be recycled.  Here is a quick rundown of what is and is not recyclable.dinner
  • Cans from pumpkin, cranberry sauce, green beans, evaporated milk, gravy or soda? Rinse and recycle.
  • Bottles or jugs from seltzer, soda, cider, cooking oil or wine? Please rinse and recycle.
  • Cartons from broth, milk or wine? Please rinse, re-cap, do not flatten, and recycle.
  • Pie crust pans - Rinse and recycle.
  • Cracker and cake mix boxes - Flatten and recycle.
  • Package shipments in cardboard boxes? Flatten and recycle. Avoid wedging boxes into your cart so it will not get stuck. 
  • Gift wrapping paper - If the wrapping paper does not have metal in it, remove ribbons or bows and recycle.
  • Paper gift bags - Reuse until worn, then remove non-paper handles and recycle.
  • Tissue paper -  Throw this into the trash can – it is not recyclable. 
Newport News has six recycling drop off locations available. To learn more about the city’s residential recycling program visit the Public Works Solid Waste Division website and to get more recycling tips visit