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Oct 26

Removal of City Farm Jail Underway

Posted on October 26, 2017 at 9:09 AM by Communications Department

Archaeological study to begin after work completed

Demolition of the jail facility at the former City Farm property began earlier this week. This is part of the second phase of the two-phase process to remove the buildings, foundations and basements on the property. Once removed, an archaeological investigation of the property will commence. 
10-25 City Farm
Phase I of the project included knocking down the dining hall, which was constructed primarily of concrete block, but leaving the floor slab dining hall in place until Phase II. The City’s Department of Public Works completed that portion of the demolition.  The jail was constructed using 18” to 24” concrete blocks strengthened with rebar and steel beams, and this work is being done by certified demolition experts. Removal of the floor slab and basement of the jail as well as the dining hall floor slab is being done under the supervision of the City’s contracted archaeological firm, New South Associates. It is anticipated that Phase II will take several weeks to complete.

Removing these structures is a necessary step to prepare for the archaeological investigation of Warwicktown, a 17th Century county seat. When the land has been prepared, a team of archaeologists from New South Associates will begin actively working onsite.  It is expected that data recovery will take several months before the team is ready for the report phase.  The archaeological dig is an exciting opportunity for the City and the public to gain a thorough understanding of the previous history of the now closed City Farm property.