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Oct 09

Imagine a Day Without Water

Posted on October 9, 2017 at 9:43 AM by Communications Department

On October 12, municipalities in Hampton Roads are joining other groups across the country to "Imagine a Day Without Water." This day helps to emphasize the importance of maintaining the underground water and wastewater systems that bring a steady flow of water to and from residents, businesses, schools, hospitals and emergency outlets. For the 1.7 million residents of Hampton Roads, healthy and reliable drinking water is part of our daily lives. As one of our most reliable public services, water keeps crops growing, schools running, businesses open and military bases operation-ready, allowing us to go about our daily routines without a second thought.

10-9 waterAccess to fresh water is as simple as turning on the tap, but do you really understand where the water comes from, where it goes and what life would be like without it? A broken water system can be devastating. Imagine having no water for coffee or a morning shower, brushing teeth or filling the dog's water bowl- and that is just residential use. Commercial enterprises, from hotels to hospitals, factories to power plants, carwashes to aquariums, all need water. 

Join and the HRPDC Regional Directors of Utilities Committee in this effort by participating in one or all of the below challenges:
  • Taking the Challenge: Give up one activity on October 12 that involves water and see what it's like to go without. It can be a reminder of how lucky we are to get water so easily.
  • Helping Someone Out: Go to and consider giving a gift to the Help 2 Others (H2O) Program, a local 501(c)3 organization that assists families in danger of losing residential water service because of an unexpected crisis.
  • Joining the Discussion: Discuss the importance of our region's ongoing investment in this critical infrastructure by joining the conversation at
  • Making an Investment: Support the effort that ensures our region's public health, safety and economic vitality is one that should be maintained.
Visit for more information.