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Jul 11

Volunteers and Donors Make a Difference to Human Services

Posted on July 11, 2017 at 8:20 AM by Communications Department

25,850 service hours contributed in FY16

Volunteers are an integral part of city operations for many departments and for special events. Nowhere is this more apparent than the assistance that volunteers and donors provide to the Department of Human Services. Last year, volunteers contributed more than 25,850 service hours in various areas of the department. Volunteer_SCThat is worth about $674,663 in volunteer services, an impressive amount!

Volunteer efforts helped to expand the department’s capabilities and services to citizens by assisting clients with job searches in the computer lab, providing and delivering donated holiday food and gifts, serving at department events, providing general administrative services, and many other types of supportive assistance. Additionally, the Virginia Cooperative Extension, partially funded by Human Services, benefitted from the many services provided by 22 Master Gardeners and Master Food Volunteers.

Volunteers are a diverse group that come from various backgrounds. They include interns, retirees, and individuals interested in serving as well as those seeking to acquire or expand work experience. Volunteers have the opportunity to not only learn new skills but also to provide valuable services to citizens in need of assistance. In addition, Human Services benefits from the services and resources contributed by organizations, businesses, groups and clubs. The department shows its appreciation at an annual volunteer and donor appreciation event.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities contact Eileen Bunn, Volunteer Coordinator for the Department of Human Services, at 757-926-6016 or or Sonja Mitchell, Unit Coordinator for the Virginia Cooperative Extension, at 757-591-4838 or