Organizational Information

Active Lifestyles Advisory Committee

Created in 1992 to address major issues, enhance public awareness, assist staff with program planning / improvement projects, and to promote a positive image of aging and disabilities through education. The committee is made up of a group of citizens who share a concern for others and provide a means by which participants can address issues that are pertinent to the services provided by Newport News Parks, Recreation and Tourism.


  • Alberta Hatcher (NNN)
  • Bessie Burke (DMCC)
  • Catherine Askew (BMCC)
  • Carol Hollingsworth (BMCC)
  • Clarice Moody (DCC)
  • Delores Griffith (BMCC)
  • Donald Livingston (DCC)
  • Estella Brown: Chair
  • Flora Brown (DCC)
  • Geraldine Freeman (DCC)
  • Kristina Warren (Food Bank of VA Peninsula)
  • Sonja Mitchell (VA Co-op Ext)
  • Patricia Haley (DCC)
  • Shelly Troutman–Hackworth (VDH)
  • Vera Willis (DCC)
  • Eric Jackson (HSC)
We are currently seeking new members to hold two-year terms. Members will attend bimonthly meetings to address concerns, work on specific projects, and promote Active Lifestyles. Call 757-926-1446 to join. The Advisory Committee is an authorized Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) volunteer project. Join today and increase your RSVP service hours.

Informative Links

Programs for seniors and people with disabilities: