Collection & Drop-off Sites

Collection Procedures

  • Containers must be on the street adjoining your property by 7 AM on your day of collection.
  • Place your cart three feet away from your trash cart, mailbox, cars, etc.
  • You may set out your container after 3 PM the day before the scheduled collection, and it must be removed by midnight the day of collection. All other times, the container must be at the side or rear of your residence.

To find your collection day and download the Collection Calendar (PDF), please see the Collection Schedule and Calendar page.  

2024 Holiday Collection Schedule for black recycling bins

How To Prepare Your Recyclables

  • Rinse out all food and beverage containers
  • Discard any containers than cannot be rinsed clean
  • Flatten boxes and cut in sections no larger than 3' x 3'
  • Do not put recyclables inside a plastic bag – place them loose in the recycling container so they can be sorted at the plant. (Exception: please put shredded paper in a clear plastic bag)  
  • Do not stuff one recyclable type inside another type; i.e., do not put a plastic bottle inside a steel can
  • Close the lid on your recycling container to reduce litter  

What To Do If Your Recycling Cart Lid Breaks

Please call 311 (or 757-933-2311) so that your recycling cart lid can be replaced free of charge.

What To Do If Your Collection Was Missed

If you have followed all the collection requirements and your recycling collection was missed, we apologize. Please call 757-933-2311.

Optional Wheeled Manual Collection 18-gallon Bins

Optional wheeled manual collection 18-gallon bins are available to residents still receiving weekly collection. Call 757-933-2311.

Drop-off Recycling Sites

Drop-off sites are available to those Newport News residents not served by curbside recycling. The same items listed on the recycling page are accepted at the following sites:

Drop-off Site
Main Street Library parking lot
110 Main St.
Newport News, VA
24 hours
Briarfield Fire Station #7
5844 Marshall Ave.
Newport News, VA
24 hours
Hidenwood Fire Station #10
12455 Warwick Blvd.
Newport News, VA
24 hours
Oyster Point Fire Station #6
685 Oyster Point Road
Newport News, VA
24 hours
Fire Station #4
13561 Jefferson Ave.
Newport News, VA
24 hours
Recovery Operations Center
520 Atkinson Blvd.
Newport News, VA
Monday - Saturday
8 AM - 4 PM