Mission / Vision Statements

Department of Engineering Mission Statement

The City of Newport News Department of Engineering enhances health, safety and welfare in the city by providing economical, responsive and effective professional engineering and architectural services. The Department employs qualified and competent professionals, cultivates an innovative work environment and strives to continuously improve.

Department of Engineering Vision Statement

The Department of Engineering is a technically advanced, customer service-oriented organization that pursues the goal of collective excellence through personal and collaborative efforts.

Vision Elements

  1. Teamwork is emphasized to promote a high quality of life in the city through professional services
  2. The networked leadership model (where each individual contributes technical, management and leadership skills to the team) is prevalent
  3. Our professional staff has the opportunity to develop and receive recognition as leaders within their fields of expertise
  4. Thorough regulatory and review processes are carried out efficiently and responsively, resulting in positive customer relations
  5. Participation in decision-making is widespread and expanding
  6. Developmental opportunities including in-house training, cross training, seminars and mentoring are part of a total program of individual skills growth for each employee
  7. Advanced technology is applied to improve services while limiting costs
  8. Workload and work force are continuously evaluated and adjusted to meet changing needs of our citizens