Lake Enhancement Program

Program Details

Every year, the stormwater lakes in Newport News show signs of water quality stress such as algae blooms, duckweed overgrowth, siltation or excessive shallowness, and fish kills. The Lake Enhancement Program helps rehabilitate and restore stormwater lakes. The program improves the water quality of eligible lakes through dredging, aeration, and aquascaping through a partnership between the city and the lakefront residents.

Through the program, lakefront residents can participate in improving their lake’s water quality and the water quality of our local waterways. The rehabilitation of stormwater lakes is essential to the health of our streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.


The following are qualifications for eligibility:
  • Private, residential stormwater lakes that accept public drainage are eligible to participate in aeration and aquascaping cost-share projects. A minimum of 75% of the adjacent lakefront property owners must agree to become a part of the program. Lakefront property owners must cost share 50/50 with the city for aeration and aquascaping.  Dredging projects are performed only when deemed necessary; dredging costs are covered 100% by the city.
  • Private, non-residential stormwater lakes that accept public drainage are eligible to participate in dredging projects only. The adjacent lakefront property owners must cost share with the city on a 50/50 basis.
  • Private lakes that do not accept public drainage are not eligible to participate in the Lake Enhancement Program.


Fill out an enhancement program application (PDF) online.

What more can I do to protect water quality?

Become a Bay Star Home!  By making a few small adjustments to our daily habits in the home, yard and community, we can work toward cleaner waterways and a healthier natural environment. Participants will receive a welcome packet that includes a Bay Star garden flag and tips for how to go green.