COVID-19 Update 3/9/21:

All playgrounds are open.

 Campground restrooms are open, Newport News Visitor Center open with restrooms,  9 AM - 5 PM, Newport News Park Discovery Center open weekends with restrooms.   

Newport News has playgrounds in 16 parks across the city. The largest of these playgrounds include:
  • Fort Fun, the 14,000-square-foot playground at Huntington Park (see pictures on the right)
  • Boundless Playground at Deer Park, designed to be 70% accessible for children with disabilities
  • Fantasy Farm Playground, the 30,000-square-foot community playground at Riverview Farm Park
  • 4 large structure playgrounds located in Newport News Park
For more information, call 757-926-1400 or 757-886-7912.
Fort Fun Photo 1
Fort Fun Photo 2
King-Lincoln Park Playground