Stormwater Management Service Charge

The City of Newport News Stormwater Management program is funded by a stormwater management service charge. This service charge is based on the amount of impervious surface on a developed piece of land. For example, a single-family residence in the City of Newport News has an average impervious area of 1,777 square feet. This average, known as an Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU), is used to determine the monthly stormwater charge.
  • Owners of each single-family residence are charged for one ERU at the rate of $11.85 per month ($142.20 per year).
  • Certain multi-family residences have less impervious area per residence, so these owners are charged for $4.97 per month ($59.64 per year).
  • Business and commercial property owners are charged based on the amount of impervious area on their property as compared to the ERU.

Stormwater Fee Calculation

To calculate the annual stormwater fee for a commercial property, divide the square feet of impervious surface by 1,777 and multiply the result by $11.85 x 12 months.
  • For example: a commercial property with 16,000 square feet of impervious surface would be billed $1,279.80 per year (16,000 ft2/1,777 ft2=9.0 ERU's, 9.0 x $11.85 x 12=$1,279.80).
This system is designed to charge owners of developed property based on their contribution of stormwater runoff. Learn more about the fee credit or fee rates online.